Leg and yellow helmet of injured lying worker at work.

Woody v. Mawyer and Granite State Ins. Co. (2012)

Case Details

The Claimant suffered multiple spine fractures and broken teeth when he fell backward from a 30-foot roof, landing on his back on the ground. He had multiple surgeries, paraplegia, urological and neurological issues as a result of this job-related injury.


In this particular case, the worker suffered grave injuries while on the job. Through settlement negotiations, our firm was able to secure a lump sum settlement for the Claimant in the total amount of $405,000.00. Additionally, we secured lifetime monthly payments for our client in the amount of $750.00. We also secured monthly payments of $2,710.09 for 25 years and additional lump sum payments of $15,000.00, $20,000.00, $40,000.00, and $50,000.00 payable at various ages throughout his lifetime. Lastly, we secured for our client the payment of $74,600.00 for a Medicare set-aside account, to be replenished every year with $22,000.00 for the rest of his life.

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