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Larry v Comcast Corporation

Larry had suffered a concussion at work in 2015 and was not sure if he had been under an Award Order.  He was working fulltime out of fear of losing his job yet suffered from headaches almost daily. Larry missed time at work for medical appointments, but the insurer had not reimbursed him for the lost time.

In 2018 Larry came to HammondTownsend.  The first step HammondTownsend took was to immediately file a claim for Larry’s past lost wages.  After reviewing his medical records, we discovered that Larry had been diagnosed with syncope. After Mr. Townsend sent a summary and questionnaire to the treating physician, we filed a claim to have the syncope included as a result of the claimant’s work injury. After exchanging discovery and medical records, Mr. Townsend reached an agreement with defense counsel and the claimant was awarded lost time by Stipulated Order.  This Stipulation extended the claimant’s statute of limitations and added syncope to the Award.

Larry then fell at home and injured his right shoulder.  HammondTownsend filed a claim to have the right shoulder injury covered under the Award as a compensable consequence because the fall was caused by Larry’s syncope.  After meeting with the treating doctor and obtaining a report connecting Larry’s fall to his work injury, the insurer agreed to add the right shoulder to the Stipulation.  By the time this was all worked out, Larry had also suffered damage to his left shoulder. Again, the HammondTownsend team worked to connect the left shoulder to the work injury.  Mr. Townsend was successful in connecting both rotator cuff injuries to the original head injury at work and when the claimant went out of work fully due to his right rotator cuff repair, we filed a claim for Temporary Total Disability benefits.

After the TTD Award was entered and Larry was recovering from his successful surgery, HammondTownsend began settlement negotiations.  The insurer responded by placing Larry in vocational rehabilitation.  After helping him successfully navigate the process of vocational rehabilitation, our team was able to continue settlement negotiations with defense counsel.  After several months of negotiations, HammondTownsend settled Larry’s claim for $325,000.00.

Larry was very happy with the services of HammondTownsend.  He came to us while working daily in pain, scared he would lose his job.  He left us with financial security and medical issues resolved.

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