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HammondTownsend Recepient Of The 2014 Litigator Award In VA For Workers’ Compensation

February 23, 2017

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON: JAN. 15, 2015 – Hammond Townsend, PLC, a trial law firm located in Fishersville, Virginia, was today awarded the prestigious 2014 Litigator Award for extraordinary achievement within the field(s) of Workers Compensation Litigation.Justly standing as the nations most coveted symbol of “Litigation Achievement”, this unrivaled annual honor recognizes trial lawyers {firms} who have […]

If Workers’ Compensations Insurance Companies Had Their Way . . . .

February 23, 2017

As we’ve noted before, workers’ compensation insurance companies – not employers – almost invariably exercise total control over the claims of injured workers. These companies DO NOT have the best interests of injured employees at heart. (Indeed, the companies don’t even have a heart!) In their endless quest for higher profits the companies continue to […]

The HammondTownsend Partners Celebrate Five Years Together

February 23, 2017

George and Steve recently celebrated five years together as partners! In that time, hundreds of clients have benefitted from the enthusiastic and professional representation the HammondTownsend team delivers. When an injury puts you in pursuit of just compensation, turn to the workers’ compensation experts at HammondTownsend for help with your claim. Read more about cases […]

What You Need To Know About Workers’ Compensation

February 23, 2017

Workers’ Compensation laws can vary from state to state, but there are some general guidelines you should be aware of. If you have questions about how Workers’ Compensation works in the state of Virginia, or if you are thinking about filing a claim, please contact HammondTownsend, your Workers’ Compensation lawyers in Roanoke, VA. Does Workers’ […]

When Do You Need A Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

February 23, 2017

With a history in railroads and manufacturing, Roanoke, VA, is a great place to find work. The city is the largest municipality in Southwest Virginia and is a hub for healthcare and retail shopping. A steady economy is good for any city, but with multiple jobs comes an increased risk of work-related injuries and accidents. […]

Workers’ Compensation – A Little History

February 23, 2017

Recently National Public Radio and ProPublica took an in-depth look at the workers’ compensation system across the nation. The news is cause for concern. One article, entitled “The Demolition of Workers’ Comp,” notes that workers’ compensation statutes (such as the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act) are the result of a “grand bargain” between workers and employers […]

Workers’ Compensation And Due Process

February 23, 2017

We think it’s important always to remind readers of the “grand bargain” that led to the creation of the system under which an injured employee can file a workers’ compensation claim. Under this bargain employees injured at work gave up the right to sue their employers in court in return for an administrative system that […]

Workers’ Compensation – Are You Covered?

February 23, 2017

Have you been injured while working, only to have your employer assert that you’re not entitled to workers’ compensation benefits because you’re an independent contractor? The employer’s assertion is not the end of the story. As the discussion below shows, in this situation you should always seek out legal counsel before giving up your right […]

Workers’ Compensation Under Assault

February 23, 2017

In our last blog post we talked about how the workers’ compensation system came to be. As a result of the “grand bargain” between workers and employers, an injured employee these days simply files a claim for benefits with the Workers’ Compensation Commission. Once it is shown that the accident is compensable under the Workers’ […]

Workers’ Compensation – Who’s Your Friend?

February 23, 2017

If an employer in Virginia regularly employs three or more employees, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act requires the employer to maintain workers’ compensation insurance. The workers’ comp insurance companies – not employers – almost invariably exercise total control over the claims of injured workers. These companies DO NOT have the best interests of injured employees […]

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