Toney, Jr. v. Don’s Florist & Gifts, Inc. and Hartford Casualty Ins. Co. (2013)

Case Details

While at work, the Claimant slipped and fell. He injured his right arm, right shoulder, right side, back, head, and neck.


In this case, a lump sum settlement was negotiated for the client in the amount of $126,557.00. Additionally, we secured the payment of all medical treatment for his injuries from the date he was injured through the final approval of the settlement.

man with headache

Larry v Comcast Corporation

Larry had suffered a concussion at work in 2015 and was not sure if he had been under an Award Order.  He was working fulltime out of fear of losing […]

Leg in cast and man on crutches

Stephanie v. Augusta Health

While working as a respiratory therapist, Stephanie suffered from a broken foot.  She was awarded $272,076 in benefits.

Car crashed into pole

Thomas v. Post Browning Inc.

Thomas worked as a salesperson and was involved in a motor vehicle accident.  He suffered multiple injuries, including a brain injury. Thomas was awarded $2,249,766.05 in benefits.

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