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Taylor v. Osaka Mining Corp, et al. (2014)

Case Details

The Claimant was struck by a jack and a rock while on the job and suffered serious injuries to his arms, back, brain, and psychological issues.


HammondTownsend obtained a lump sum settlement of $528,868.99 for this client. Additionally, payment for all related medical treatment from the original date of injury through the final approval of the settlement was obtained.

Injured Leg

Stephanie v Star City Dogs, LLC

Stephanie injured her left ankle/left foot while on the job in 2017.  Her workers’ compensation claim was accepted. A couple years after the accident, she developed complex regional pain syndrome.  […]

Xray of spine

William v. Simmons Well Drilling

William worked as a drill operator.  While on the job, he was involved in a motor vehicle accident resulting in multiple injuries, including broken vertebrae.  William was awarded $439,467 in […]

Injured construction worker fallen off ladder

Workers’ Compensation Challenges – Jesse L.

The courts in Virginia have recognized the inherent risks of injury when using ladders. See VFP, Inc. v. Shepherd, 39 Va. App. 289, 293, 572 S.E.2d 510, 512 (2002); Irby […]

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