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Snyder v. Davita, Inc. and American Home Assurance Co./AIG Casualty (2013)

Case Details

This Claimant injured her back while working as a registered nurse for the employer.


HammondTownsend obtained a lump sum settlement in the amount of $107,500.00 for this client. Additionally, payment for medical treatment rendered by her physician for her work-related injuries was secured.

Leg in cast and man on crutches

Stephanie v. Augusta Health

While working as a respiratory therapist, Stephanie suffered from a broken foot.  She was awarded $272,076 in benefits.

Injured Foot With Bandage

Jennifer v. Sprint Corp

Jennifer suffered a foot and ankle injury on the job.  She was awarded $2,105,789.52 in benefits.

18 wheeler turned over on highway

Mawyer v. Houff Transfer

Our client was involved in a motor vehicle accident while preforming his job as a truck driver.  He suffered multiple injuries and was awarded $422,172 in benefits. ‍

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