Lucille’s VA Workers’ Compensation Story

Lucille Harris was a teacher’s assistant with Virginia’s public school system for over 30 years. As a teacher’s assistant, one of her responsibilities was to help escort students on and off school buses. During a field trip, while Lucille was helping students get to their school bus, she fell off a curb and seriously injured her back. The injury was so severe that Lucille had to have a spinal fusion, lots of therapy, and eventually surgery.

Educators Face Many On The Job Injury Challenges

Educators in Virginia play a vital role in shaping the future of our society, but their work is not easy and not without risks. Common workplace injuries for educators such as slips and falls, strain injuries, toxic exposure illness, violence-provoked injuries, and mental health issues can have a significant impact on their well-being. By staying educated about their rights, taking preventative measures, and seeking support when needed, teachers can continue to excel in their essential roles, nurturing the minds of tomorrow’s leaders while ensuring their own physical and emotional well-being.

Learn more about the injuries VA educators face.

Roanoke Teacher Lab Worker

Lucille’s Road To Compensation

At first, Lucille’s worker’s compensation claims were approved. Her wages and medical bills were being covered. But once the doctor recommended surgery, her worker’s compensation claim was denied. How counterintuitive, that workers’ compensation can change from being accepted to denied based on medical recommendations.

Unfortunately, this happens often. That’s why we tell all injured workers that we meet with the three critical steps when injured on the job. Step 1: Report your injury to your supervisor and tell them exactly what happened. Step 2: Go to the doctor and tell them exactly what happened. Step 3: Call HammondTownsend. It is in your best interest to have an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer by your side throughout the workers’ compensation process.

What You Should Do If You Get

Injured at work

Step 1:

Report your injury to your supervisor and tell them exactly what happened.

Step 2:

Go to the doctor and tell them exactly what happened.

Step 3:

Call HammondTownsend. We know the complex workers’ compensation process!

Once Lucille’s workers’ compensation claim was denied, that’s when she reached out to HammondTownsend.

A Denied Workers’ Comp Claim Isn’t The End

While it is ideal that you hire a proven workers’ comp lawyer from the start of your workers’ compensation claim journey, if your claim is denied then an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer will be critical in the appeals process.

Workers' Comp Denied?

Your workers’ compensation attorney will work with you to file an appeal, based on the reason that the deputy commissioner gave for denying your claim. The appeals process can be complex. In addition to the initial appeal that is overseen by a panel of three commissioners, denied appeals may be re-appealed to the court of appeals, and eventually appealed to the Virginia State Supreme Court if the denial process continues.

Lucille’s Experience With HammondTownsend

Once Lucille’s workers’ compensation claim was denied, she contacted HammondTownsend. On first impression, Lucille felt welcomed into the HammondTownsend office. Mr. Hammond was her lawyer and he fought alongside Lucille throughout the process with tenacity.

Through the hearings, filings, and meetings, Lucille felt the HammondTownsend team was working directly on her behalf. In fact, Lucille likes to call Mr. Hammond the “lion of lawyers” because of his tenacity and refusal to give up. Lucille was happy with the outcome of her workers’ comp case. She felt that if she had fought for her fair workers’ compensation alone, she would not have been successful. Lucille accounts the success of her workers’ comp outcome to the HammondTownsend team.

There is a reason why I call them the lion of lawyers.

Lucille Harris

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