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Gwendolyn P. v. Trustaff Management

Case Details

Client was a nurse. In 2011, a patient kicked her up against a wall. The client developed back pain with tingling into her legs. The employer argued pre-existing condition and disputed the causation of the client’s injuries. They also claimed that the client was discharged from her employment for cause, denying her right to payments for the time she missed.


HammondTownsend was able to secure a settlement of $162,000 at mediation.

Leg in cast and man on crutches

Stephanie v. Augusta Health

While working as a respiratory therapist, Stephanie suffered from a broken foot.  She was awarded $272,076 in benefits.

Knee pain

Estes v. UVA Health System

Our client suffered a knee injury while on the job.  As a result, she was awarded $800,609 in benefits. ‍

Injured construction worker fallen off ladder

Workers’ Compensation Challenges – Ernest C.

It is not surprising that employees who work in retail, particularly when they work in so-called “big box” stores, are subject to injury from merchandise falling from shelves. Depending on […]

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