Why You Should Hire a Virginia Workers’ Compensation Attorney

You’re smart, and you can follow directions well but now you’ve been injured at work, and you’re trying to decide if you should hire a worker’s compensation attorney for your workers’ comp claim. Here are three reasons why working with a workers’ compensation attorney is the right choice to make, and how HammondTownsend can help you.

1. Frees You Up to Get Better

When you’ve been injured at work, you have a lot of things going on in your mind. Your work has been disrupted, and your paycheck is often lower than usual, or gone entirely, and benefits don’t make it up all the way. You can’t do your usual chores and help around the house. You have medical appointments that you’re not used to. On top of that, there are forms and legalese to sort through. It’s a lot to deal with.

Having a workers’ compensation attorney takes that last part off your plate. Your attorney will be communicating with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission and the workers’ compensation insurance company for your employer. You can concentrate on getting better and living your life, not on trying to understand what needs to be sent where.

2. Experience Matters

Having an experienced attorney by your side matters in your case. The attorney knows how to interact with the Commission and the workers’ compensation insurance company. They know which benefits you’re eligible for, and how to get the most compensation for you. With over 20 years of experience, just in workers’ comp, HammondTownsend knows what to do.

Having an attorney will increase the chances that you’ll win your case, and if your claim is denied then your attorney can quickly and correctly file an appeal to have it revisited.

3. With You Every Step

The workers’ compensation process can be long and confusing. You might not know what steps come next, and what you’re being asked for. Your attorney can explain to you what is going on every step of the way, and what to expect when you go in for a deposition or an evidentiary hearing.

You can send all the paperwork you receive in to your attorney, and they can let you know what you need to be concerned about. Your HammonTownsend paralegal is always a phone call or email away to answer your questions, or to schedule you for a chat with your attorney.


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