Your Workers’ Comp Deposition

When you have been injured at work, being deposed is often part of the process. A deposition is a formal legal event where you answer questions under oath and your answers are recorded. The answers you give can later be used in your case. Most people haven’t done a deposition before, so some general information is below.

The insurance company requests the deposition so they can get more information about your case. They will use the information they get from the deposition at your evidentiary hearing, and they can use information to try to challenge the case or challenge your truthfulness.

Before your deposition, HammondTownsend will make sure you have all of your questions about the process answered. If you think of any questions,write them down so you can ask your attorney.

You will be told a time and location by the HammondTownsend team. The deposition is usually at a HammondTownsend office. The deposition will last between 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on how many questions are asked. Wear neat clothes.

There will be several people at a deposition: you, your HammondTownsend attorney, the attorney for the insurance company, and a court reporter.

The court reporter will administer the oath to you.Everything said during the deposition is admissible in your evidentiary hearing. Always tell the truth.

The lawyer from the insurance company will ask you questions. Answer the questions truthfully but do not volunteer any extra information or opinions. If the question can be answered with a yes or a no,answer yes or no. Don’t give any extra information. Your HammondTownsend attorney will be sitting there with you, so follow any advice that he gives.

The insurance company attorney can ask you a lot of different types of questions. You may be asked:

·        Basic personal information such as your birth date and address

·        Where you have worked and how much you have made

·        Information about your health before the injury at work

·        Details about military service

·        Records of arrests and convictions

·        Facts about the case, such as what exactly happened, who witnessed it, and so on

·        Facts about your injury, such as what the diagnosis was and what the recovery process will be

·        Details of your treatment, such as names of doctors and what treatments you received

·        How you have tried to apply for jobs and get work or get trained for new types of work that you can do with your injury

Having details such as the names of people you spoke to, the dates on which you spoke to them, what you talked about, etc. is very helpful for your case.

Your deposition is a chance to show the insurance company the facts of your case, and HammondTownsend will be there to assist you throughout.

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