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Kennedy, Sr. v. McQuay, Inc. and Travelers Indemnity Co. of America (2013)

Case Details

The Claimant injured his back and right knee while on the job working for McQuay, Inc.


In this case, HammondTownsend obtained a lump sum settlement for the client in the total amount of $120,000.00. Additionally, $39,403.00 was secured for the client for use in a Medicare set-aside account for future medical treatment. Payment was also obtained for all related medical treatment received from the date of the injury through the date of settlement.

Injured construction worker fallen off ladder

Lineberry v. Henderson Construction, LLC, et al. (2013)

Case Details The Claimant fell when a roof collapsed and suffered complex fractures at T12 and L1, spinal cord injury, and other numerous injuries. Results Our firm obtained a lump […]

Worker feeling back pain in warehouse

Lyman v. Blue Ridge Trailer Sales & Service, LLC and Peninsula Ins. Co. (2013)

Case Details The Claimant injured her back when she stepped down from a trailer she was working on. Results In this case, HammondTownsend helped the client obtain a lump sum […]

Foot in cast

Abdulla v. Geoconstructors and Travelers Casualty & Surety (2013)

Case Details While on the job, the Claimant was hit by a door that was struck by another piece of equipment. He suffered injuries to his left side, head, leg, […]

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