Irving v. Knight Timber Corp. and Forestry Mutual Ins. Co. (2013)

Case Details

While on the job, a tree branch fell on the Claimant and he suffered severe injuries to his right shoulder, right upper extremity, right knee, and right lower extremity.


HammondTownsend obtained a lump sum settlement of $220,000.00 for this client. We also negotiated the payment of all medical treatment received for these injuries from the initial date injured through the date the settlement was officially approved.

Leg and yellow helmet of injured lying worker at work.

Henry v. Page County Schools and Va. Assoc. of Counties Group Self-Ins. Risk Pool (2013)

Case Details The Claimant suffered broken ribs, shattered vertebrae and back, right and left upper extremity injuries, and left lower extremity injuries when he fell through an auditorium ceiling while […]

Constructor suffering from shoulder pain

Horton v. Southern Auto Supply and Wausau Ins. Co. (2009)

Case Details Our client injured his shoulder on the job and underwent surgery to correct a torn rotator cuff.  His treating surgeon determined that he would have a 23% permanent […]

Employee having back pain in warehouse

Kennedy, Sr. v. McQuay, Inc. and Travelers Indemnity Co. of America (2013)

Case Details The Claimant injured his back and right knee while on the job working for McQuay, Inc. Results In this case, HammondTownsend obtained a lump sum settlement for the […]

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