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Guffey v. Augusta (County of) School Board (2013)

Case Details

The Claimant in this case sustained a back injury while working for the County of Augusta School Board.


HammondTownsend obtained a medical settlement for this client, wherein the insurance carrier for workers’ compensation claims agreed to pay for all medical treatments related to this injury for the rest of the Claimant’s life.

Foot in cast

Marks v. American Press, LLC and Cincinnati Ins. Co. (2013)

Case Details The Claimant fell and injured her back, left hip, left leg, and groin while on the job. Results A lump sum settlement was negotiated for the client in […]

Worker feeling back pain in warehouse

McCoy v. Diamond Auto Glass and American Zurich Ins. Co. (2009)

Case Details Client was a store manager in Staunton.  He injured his back in December 2007 and continued to work on light duty until February 2009 when he was laid […]

Leg and yellow helmet of injured lying worker at work.

Myers v. Spotsylvania County Schools and VML Insurance Programs

Client was an elementary school guidance counselor that fainted and fell from a school bus breaking her femur.  The cause of her fainting was never resolved.  She subsequently developed reflex […]

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