Argiro v. Cityspa Limited and State Farm and Casualty Co. (2013)

Case Details

While on the job with Cityspa Limited, the Claimant suffered a lumbosacral contusion sprain.


In this case, HammondTownsend obtained a lump sum settlement for our client in the total amount of $187,500.00. We also secured the payment of all medical treatment related to her injuries from the date of injury through the approval of the settlement.

Xray of spine

William v. Simmons Well Drilling

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Harrisonburg Medical Worker

Gwendolyn P. v. Trustaff Management

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Leg and yellow helmet of injured lying worker at work.

Harrison v. Augusta Healthcare, Inc. and Safety National Casualty Corp. (2013)

Case Details While on the job, the Claimant fell and suffered back, pelvis, and sacroiliac injuries. Results In this case, a lump sum settlement was obtained for the client in […]

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