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What Does a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Do?

You’ve been hurt at work, and your friend tells you to get a workers’ comp lawyer. But you’re not exactly sure: what does a workers’ compensation attorney actually do?

Works For You

A workers’ compensation attorney at HammondTownsend is working for you as the person who has been injured. His job is making sure that you receive all of the benefits and compensation (money) that you are entitled to. You may receive compensation for not being able to work or for being forced to work a different job due to your injury. Your medical bills may be paid. If you lose a body part or die, you or your family may receive additional money.

Deals With Others

The attorney will file a claim with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission on your behalf, asking for benefits on your behalf. HammondTownsend will handle most of the paperwork for you, going back and forth with the Commission and the workers’ compensation insurance company that your employer uses. You will need to document some things, such as mileage to doctor’s appointments, but HammondTownsend makes sure that all of the deadlines are reached during the claim process. Having a workers’ compensation attorney allows you to focus on healing.

Prepares You For Depositions And Evidentiary Hearings

You may need to have a deposition or an evidentiary hearing as part of your claim. If you haven’t been in those situations before, like most people, you may be anxious. Your lawyer is used to depositions and evidentiary hearings and will review what will happen with you before they occur, so you don’t have to worry.

Serves As A Resource

Most people don’t have a lot of workers’ compensation claims in their lives, so the claims process is unfamiliar. You may not know what the next steps are, or exactly what someone is asking. Your HammondTownsend attorney is always available to help. You can email anytime or call and ask a question, and the paralegal assigned to your case will get an answer back to you. You don’t need to be floundering around or worry about the details when your HammondTownsend workers’ compensation attorney is available.

Researches Your Case

The HammondTownsend attorney may research case law, or previous workers’ compensation claims, to find out ways to better present your case to the Commission. If there are previous claims that are similar to your claim, he may get arguments he can use with the Commission or may get information on what the Commission is thinking about in your type of case. He may talk with your doctors to see how long you will need to be out of work, so he can make sure you are receiving the right kind of benefits for your condition.

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