Does Workers’ Comp Pay for Surgery?

Does Workers’ Comp Pay for Surgery?

Despite everyone’s best efforts for safety, you might get hurt at work. It could be minor, like stubbing your toe, or it could be major, like a fall.

If you’re hurt at work, you may need to get surgery. You could have broken a bone, torn a tendon, or otherwise severely injured yourself.

Don’t let fear of medical bills prevent you from getting the care you need after you’re hurt at work: file for workers’ compensation and receive the medical care you need.

Getting Surgery After Accident at Work

When you’re hurt at work, tell your boss, tell a doctor, and then call HammondTownsend at 888-580-9048. HammondTownsend will help you file a workers’ comp claim, which will include money for medical benefits.

Get the medical treatment you need for whatever kind of injury you receive. If you have a serious injury that requires surgery, get the surgery. Your workers’ compensation claim will be filed to cover all costs of the surgery, including nursing care, the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, and the equipment, as well as necessary time spent recovering in the hospital. If you need physical or occupational therapy after your surgery, you should receive that as well.

HammondTownsend will make sure that lifetime medical benefits are included in your workers’ compensation claim. Lifetime medical benefits mean that all of the medical care you receive because of an accident at work will be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. This coverage includes surgeries that you have shortly after you’re injured at work as well as surgeries you need to have later on because of the injury. For example, if you break a bone and need to have surgery to put pins in to help everything heal correctly, but then a year later need to have a second surgery to take the pins out, your claim would cover the expenses for both surgeries.

The benefits also cover physical and occupational therapy and medications. You can even get reimbursed for mileage from your home to and from medical appointments. If you live in a more rural area of Virginia, the mileage can really add up if you need to drive to a different city to receive the level of medical care that you need.

Workers’ Comp Can Pay for Surgery

Since your workers’ compensation claim can pay for your surgery after you’re hurt at an accident at work, there’s no reason to hesitate to get the medical care you need to return to normal.


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