Why We Work in Worker’s Comp

‍A paralegal from HammondTownsend wrote an eloquent description of why she is a paralegal and has been in the workers’ compensation field for decades.You can read what her day is usually like in A Day in the Life of a Workers’ Comp Paralegal.

“For the most part, on a typical day, I leave weary or, at times, demoralized. This can be a high-stress job and it is a job one does not leave behind at the end of the day.

 Why, after 30 years, am I still in this industry? Because of the clients.

 “You may be wondering why, after 30 years, am I still in this industry? Because of the clients. There are those cases that work out well and, all in all, the clients end up fairly unruffled. Communications are pleasant. But there are also those cases that are fraught with issues. Those clients can react with anger, accusation, or verbal abuse. They are scared and hurt. Perhaps they cannot get medical care. They have no income. They are watching their long-held possessions be sold off so they can survive. Some lose their homes, some their cars. In the worst-case scenarios, what a claimant loses in this system can never be recovered, even if the eventual outcome is 100% for the claimant. 

 “We cannot protect our clients from the pitfalls of this system; the laws are not claimant-friendly. But, what we can do is to listen, particularly to the ones who are sinking, angry or scared. When they are lost or overwhelmed or angry or distraught, they reach out to me. I cannot tell them what they may want to hear but I can remind them they are not alone in this quagmire. It is a system that does not buoy but rather submerges. My job is to buoy. To have a client thank us for being there or to have a client say he does not know what they would have done without us – then I am reminded that as stressful as the job is, it meant something to someone.  The work all of us are doing here means something to someone. That means something to me.”

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