Workers’ Compensation Resources

Workers’ Compensation Resources

Most people don’t have experience with a workers’ comp claim, and so don’t know what resources exist for them to use. Use this guide to the available resources to feel comfortable and confident about your claim.

Your HammondTownsend Attorney And Their Team

Your HammondTownsend attorney and their team will be your top resource as you go through the claims process. Your attorney and paralegal are experienced professionals who deal with wroekrs’ compensation cases all day, and have the experience to guide you in your particular situation. While questions can be answered by emailing the paralegal assigned to your claim, if you need to chat with your attorney on the phone the paralegal will help you set it up.

The HammondTownsend Blog

This blog has dozens of articles for you to read on all aspects of the workers’ compensation claims process. Learn what an evidentiary hearing is, how to look for light-duty work, and how workers’ comp benefits and SSDI interact. There are also helpful lists including a glossary, list of people you’ll come across, and a list of steps in a workers’ comp case.

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission Website

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission is in charge of workers’ comp for the state of Virginia, and their website has a wide variety of useful information for injured workers. Some material is designed for attorneys or workers who are filing their own cases, but other pages list information in the general interest.

You won’t need to file your claim or update it yourself on the Commission’s website – your attorney and their team will take care of it – but you might find a few parts of the site helpful.

Some of the information that might be helpful is:

  • An introductory page for injured workers.
  • A very complete glossary with lengthy definitions.
  • A list of addresses and maps for locations of hearings. Your HammondTownsend team will let you know where you have to go for your hearing, if you have one, but it’s reassuring to know you can also look up the exact address on here.
  • Links to the various departments at the Commission.
  • Various forms you might need to fill out if directed to by your attorney, if you want to take a look at them ahead of time.

If you have any questions about any resources, ask your HammondTownsend team for help. They’re your best resource throughout the claims process and are here to help you.

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