Three Things Not To Do In Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Being injured at work and then having to deal with your workers’ comp claim can be stressful. Between being in pain, dealing with your job, dealing with doctors, and dealing with insurance, you may feel over your head. Avoid these three common pitfalls to get your case resolved as soon as possible.

1. Not telling your employer right away

You must tell your employer that you have been injured at work. If you don’t tell your job, you can’t get workers’ comp. In Virginia, you have thirty (30) days to tell your employer after you’ve been hurt, but you want to tell your boss as soon as it happens. Telling your job that you’ve been hurt is the first step in starting the workers’ compensation process. You can’t get any money from workers’ comp until you report it to your job and they get the process started. Waiting to tell your job that you got injured at work only hurts you.

2. Lying

You must tell the truth to everyone throughout the workers’ comp process. Tell your boss how you were hurt, tell the doctor what hurts, and tell all the details to HammondTownsend. Don’t lie, fudge the truth, exaggerate,or otherwise be untruthful during the process. You will be asked how you became sick or injured at work. You will also be asked details about the medical condition itself, such as how soon a broken bone is expected to heal, if you will need physical therapy for it, and if you’ll be able to regain full use of that body part once the break is fully healed and physical therapy is done. You may be asked questions about your health, prior injuries, what your job is, who lives with you (such as children or stepchildren) and other personal matters,but all of it must be answered truthfully. Your workers’ comp claim is a legal process and lying won’t help you get the care and compensation you deserve.

3. Trying to do it alone

Even a simple workers’ comp case usually takes well over a year, and more complex ones can take much longer. You don’t want to be stuck trying to understand the process and deal with the paperwork yourself. Call HammondTownsend at 888-580-9048 to speak with an intake specialist about your case and receive a free consultation with an attorney. Workers’ compensation is all that HammondTownsend does, so they know all of the ins and outs of the process and are dedicated to getting you the money you deserve. The attorneys, paralegals, and other staff at HammondTownsend have decades of experience in workers’ compensation and are dedicated to working for you, the client. They’ll help you figure out the right kind of workers’ comp benefits to claim, based on the specifics of your case, and work with you to have your medical care also covered. You’ll have a dedicated person to contact with your questions and the assurance of knowing that you have the weight of a statewide team of experts behind you.

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