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Frequently Asked Questions about Working with HammondTownsend

Most people who have a worker’s compensation claim have never had one before. We’ve gathered some of the questions people commonly ask us in one place.

How do I contact you?

For the initial consultation, call HammondTownsend at 888-580-9048. After you’ve retained HammondTownsend and you’re a client, you’ll be given the email and phone number of the paralegal assisting the attorney on your case. The paralegal will be your main point of contact. If you need to talk directly with the attorney, the paralegal can arrange a time that works for everyone.

How often do I need to come in to your office?

You don’t need to come into the office much at all, if ever. Most of the information will be shared over the phone or over email. You may need to come in if the worker’s comp insurance denies a claim and needs to take a deposition. Please don’t just stop by without an appointment to speak to your attorney: there are several HammondTownsend offices across Virginia, and the paralegal and lawyer for your case may not be in the office closest to you on the day you stop by.

How long will my case take?

The timeline of a case can vary greatly depending on the specific circumstances, but eighteen (18) to twenty-four (24) months is not unusual. If the case is complicated and goes through many appeals processes it can easily take longer. HammondTownsend will be working in your best interests the entire time.

Do I have to speak in front of a judge?

You may have to speak at an evidentiary hearing. The evidentiary hearing is after a workers’ comp insurance claim has been filed and the worker’s comp insurance company, who works for the employer, has denied the claim. The evidentiary hearing takes place in a private courtroom with just your case in it, so the general public can’t hear any details of your private medical history. You may have to answer questions from your attorney and/or from a deputy commissioner from the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. The deputy commissioner serves the same role as a judge in worker’s compensation cases.

Benefits have been awarded to me. How will I receive them?

The worker’s comp insurance company will mail you a check with your benefits.

What do I do with papers that I get in the mail?

Make sure that HammondTownsend has copies of all papers that you get about the case. If HammondTownsend is not listed on the paperwork, or if you are not sure, contact the paralegal assigned to your case. Mileage, job search tracking, and medical paperwork should also be sent to HammondTownsend. The paralegal you’re in contact with will give you instructions for what you should do with different types of paperwork you may receive.

How is HammondTownsend paid?

HammondTownsend, like all other workers’ compensation firms, is paid a percentage of the money you are awarded in a settlement between you and the worker’s comp insurance company. HammondTownsend will never be awarded more than 20% plus fees. The exact amount HammondTownsend receives entirely depends on what the deputy commissioner decides. HammondTownsend is only paid if you win your case.

Have you been injured on the job? Call HammondTownsend.

With over 45 years of combined experience handling Workers’ Compensation claims, our attorneys have recovered over $3 Billion for injured workers. As an exclusive injured workers law firm, our team fights for the compensation you deserve!

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