Where to Go, What to Wear, and What (Not) to Bring for Your Evidentiary Hearing

When you have your evidentiary hearing, it will most likely be in a nearby courthouse. The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission holds evidentiary hearings in the main office in Richmond, as well as in regional offices and in courthouses throughout the state.


Many people have not been to a courthouse before, so going in may be nerve-wracking. Here is some basic information to prepare. Talk to your HammondTownsend attorney about any other specific questions you have.


Where to Go


Make sure you know which courthouse you are going to and the time and place you need to meet there. You don’t want to be at an incorrect location or at the wrong time! Give yourself plenty of time to find the building, get inside, and get to the room you need to be in or the place youare meeting your attorney.


If you are driving yourself, check ahead of time to find out where you park. Often you can check online, or you may call the courthouse and ask. If there will be a cost for parking, find out about it as well. You don’t want to get a parking ticket while you’re in your evidentiary hearing.


If someone is dropping you off, find out where the main entrance is. If you use assistive devices like a cane, walker, crutches, or a wheelchair, check with the courthouse to make sure you know where the accessible entrance is so you don’t have to go up flights of stairs.


What to Wear


Wear an outfit similar to what you would wear to church.Don’t wear clothing with graphics (pictures) on it unless it is the uniform of the place where you are working.


What Not to Bring


Don’t bring any weapons such as guns or knives into a courthouse, even if you have permits for your guns and usually carry a pocketknife or a multi tool. Leaving them at home or in the car prevents you from having to worry about them.


Leave your smartphone (iPhone or Android), laptop, tablet (iPad), ebook reader (Kindle), smartwatch (Apple Watch), recording devices, video games, and similar electronic items at home or in the car. Most courthouses do not allow these items, you will not need these items while you are in the courthouse, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Food, drinks, and gum may also not be allowed. Check the rules of the particular location you are visiting to see the specific restrictions for that building.


You will probably need to pass through a metal detector to get into the building, and your possessions may need to pass through a metal detector and/or an X-ray machine. Don’t think that you can sneak things past the security staff.



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