When Do You Need A Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

With a history in railroads and manufacturing, Roanoke, VA, is a great place to find work. The city is the largest municipality in Southwest Virginia and is a hub for healthcare and retail shopping. A steady economy is good for any city, but with multiple jobs comes an increased risk of work-related injuries and accidents. The Workers’ Compensation Act of Virginia is in place to protect employees and offer coverage for injuries acquired on the job; however, receiving compensation is rarely that simple. The Compensation Act, though it professes to be there for the employee, tends to favor the employer and its insurance company.

In order to get the just compensation you need, you should speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer about your case. So, how do you know you need legal representation in a workers’ compensation case? The simple and short answer is anytime you are about to file a claim. However, there are instances in which you may not consider a claim but are entitled to compensation. Here are some situations in which you must consult with an attorney:

One-Time Accidents/Injuries

Many workers’ comp cases result from a major, or minor, injury that occurred on the job. There are various injuries that justify compensation, such as:

These are just a few examples of when you should contact an attorney immediately for your case. These injuries tend to be the more obvious cases, yet there are still plenty of workers who fail to receive the compensation they deserve, simply because they do not fully understand the process or just how severe their case is.

Pre-Existing or Developing Injuries

Here’s where the Compensation Act fails to cover you. Injuries that are gradual and occur over time are not normally covered, particularly in jobs that frequently require actions like lifting, bending, falling, or being hit. Even if you had pre-existing conditions or disabilities that are aggravated by a specific incident, then you should have an attorney review your case; you still have rights.

Claim Denial or Lack of Coverage

Truthfully, you should never handle a workers’ compensation claim on your own. It is a complex process in which you could be taken advantage of by your employer or the insurance company. Contact a workers’ compensation lawyer before you file a claim to ensure that you are being guided through the process by an experienced professional. If you have already filed a claim you can still meet with an attorney, particularly under any of the following circumstances:

Again, we recommend contacting an attorney before a claim is made, but even if you have already filed a claim it’s still not too late to get legal representation.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Roanoke, VA

HammondTownsend specializes in workers’ compensation cases throughout Virginia, including the city of Roanoke. If you’ve been injured on the job or have developed a work-related injury over time, then contact us for a free evaluation of your case. Our firm has over 20 years of experience handling these cases, and our attorneys have recovered over $175 million for injured workers. Let us guide you through the complex process and help you receive the just compensation that you are entitled to.







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