How Does Workers’ Comp Work in Virginia?

How Does Workers’ Comp Work in Virginia?


Workers’ compensation is the money you receive for beinginjured or getting sick because of your job. A construction worker breaking their leg at work and a firefighter who has cancer because of the burning materials he inhaled both would file workers’ compensation claims. But how does it all work?


Before Filing the Claim


First, you’re injured at work, or a doctor diagnoses you with an illness (physical or mental) caused by your job. If you’re injured atwork, you’ll tell your boss then tell a doctor. After speaking with the doctor, call HammondTownsendat 888-580-9048 for a free consultation about your claim.


Filing the Claim


HammondTownsend will file your workers’ compensation claim with the state of Virginia. The part of the state government that handles workers’ compensation claims is the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission.


The Commission will send a notice to the workers’ compensation insurance company for your job. The insurance company has twenty(20) days to decide if they approve or deny your claim.


If the insurance company approves your claim right after you file it, you will find out what benefits you will be getting. Then you will start receiving the benefits.


If the insurance company denies your claim, you may have to have a deposition and an evidentiary hearing. HammondTownsend will work with you throughout the process.


You may have several levels of appeals depending on how the claim goes. Review Overall Steps for a Workers’Comp Case for more details about the different appeals possible.


HammondTownsend will be working hard for you this entire time. Once you’re a client, you’ll get the contact information for the paralegal assisting with your case. If you have any questions or receive documentation to your home that needs to go to HammondTownsend, you can contact the paralegal. The paralegal can also set up a time for you to talk with the attorney for your case as needed.


After a Final Decision


Once the Commission has made its final decision, you know what benefits you will be receiving. You will start to receive these benefits on a regular schedule as a check in the mail from the insurance company. For some benefits, such as mileage reimbursement and medical appointment reimbursement, you will need to submit the receipts before you can get paid back by the workers’ compensation insurance company.


It can easily take eighteen (18) to twenty-four (24) monthsto reach a decision in a case, and complex cases can take longer. By working with HammondTownsend from the beginning, you know that your claim is being handled correctly and professionally from the start, reducing the likelihood of delays in the process.


 Call HammondTownsend today at 888-580-9048 for a free workers’ compensation consultation. We’ll walk you through every step of the process and explain how workers’ compensation works in Virginia.


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